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ENTONOVA started in 2010 with small-scale production of Orius laevigatus (a predator of thrips and other pests), responding to the sector’s needs. Today we are one of the leading producers in the area, supplying this insect for some 2,500 hectares.

One of Entonova’s advantages is its fast logistics compared to insects from other companies, which means that the insects are alive and fertile for longer in crops.

Pest control innovation

Soon afterwards, being aware of the resistance of certain aphids to insecticides, we developed the captive breeding of Chrysoperla carnea, becoming the only producer in Spain. Today C. carnea is one of the cornerstones of aphid control in organic farming.

Currently, with the upsurge of organic farming, zero-waste production systems and increasing social concern for healthy food, we have several open lines of research, seeking either a reduction in phytosanitary products or added value.

Developing new pheromones

We have been collaborating for some time with a company to develop pheromones for mating disruption (they have already been developed for Tuta absoluta and Spodoptera exigua). We are currently working on developing new pheromones for economically important pests.

Production of biostimulants

In addition, we are immersed in perfecting methods of producing microorganisms that are beneficial for agriculture: biostimulants.

We currently have a soil biological control protocol at a very advanced stage of development in collaboration with other companies in the sector.

Waste management

Being aware of the amount of organic waste farmland generates, we have opened a line of R&D on how to make use of this waste as food for insects to be used for human and animal consumption, and thus contribute to a circular economy.